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Raw Hemp Superfood Brownies

Raw Hemp Superfood Brownies



·       ½ cup dates pitted – soaked for 5 mins

·       ½ cup hemp protein

·       1 cup almond meal

·       1 TBSP Edible Gratitude Vital force

·       1 TBSP cacao

·       1 lemon zest 

·       1 TBSP Almonds chopped

·       ½ cup coconut oil

·       Goji berries for topping


1.     Line a 20 cm square cake tin with baking paper.

2.     Soak the dates at least 5 minutes, then place into a food processor or high powered blender with the hemp flour and process until combined.

3.     Add the almond meal, Vital Force, cacao, and lemon zest. Process until combined and sticky.

4.     Transfer to a bowl and fold through the almonds.

5.     Spoon into the prepared tin and top with goji berries.

6.     Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, until firm, or place into the freezer.

7.     Cut into squares to serve

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