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Mindful Eating


We’ve created Edible Gratitude because we want to help inspire people to live their best possible lives, understanding the importance of ‘mindful eating’.

By becoming more consciously aware of how your inner body and mind connect, you can begin to appreciate how nourishing yourself from the inside can reflect on the outside. Incorporating Edible Gratitude into your daily routine is a mindful step towards this body and mind journey.


Ambalika Luxton


Meet Amba……

Owner of Edible Gratitude, Amba is a qualified Biomedical Scientist, Certified International Health Coach and Vegan Nutritionist, who is passionate about health and healing.

 When Amba is not working with clients, she is a mum to 4 children, who loves the beach and going to the farmers markets, or just catching up on the latest Netflix Doco.

 She strives to help people ditch the diets, heal their gut and take charge of their health to be the best version of themselves. She believes health is much more than what we put on the plate; it’s how we live our lives as well.

Our bodies are naturally conditioned to crave a fresh start, and we find ourselves de-cluttering our closet, eating cleaner and moving more.

Or at least we want to…..

We don’t always know how to make the changes we know would feel good…..

That’s why Edible Gratitude is your perfect partner in achieving health and happiness…..

It’s everything you need to support you in making tomorrow better.

In Gratitude

Amba X


Tasty and nutritious blends. Good for the body and soul.