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Mindful Eating


We’ve created Edible Gratitude because we want to help inspire people to live their best possible lives, understanding the importance of ‘mindful eating’.

By becoming more consciously aware of how your inner body and mind connect, you can begin to appreciate how nourishing yourself from the inside can reflect on the outside. Incorporating Edible Gratitude into your daily routine is a mindful step towards this body and mind journey.


Ambalika Luxton



 Meet Ambalika Luxton

Edible Gratitude Owner, Amba, is a qualified Biomedical Scientist and Certified International Health Coach who is passionate about inspiring others to take charge of their own health.

Over the past three years Amba has been on a health journey to reconnect and understand the complexities of her own body through nutrition, exercise and yoga. Amba has truly put emphasis on learning and understanding each individual body system and how they work synergistically as a whole.

“Health is much more than merely the food that fuels us, it’s about appreciating your body and being grateful for the systems that keep you moving,” Amba says.


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